Friday, April 26, 2013

BVS Ravi's 'Single Shot' Goes Wild

BVS Ravi is known for his writing work for many movies. But right now he is getting popular for his 'single shot' idea and this is going wild in film circuits now. During the good olden days, our directors and producers used to shoot a whole song in 3-4 shots. But no one is resorting to such techniques these days as it is much strenuous and needs lot of rehearsals. But we have to appreciate writer BVS Ravi for shooting a five minute song in a single take for his first movie 'Second Hand' as a producer. The song titled 'Subbarao' is filmed at a clothing store in style and at a stretch. Though credit should be given director, cameraman and choreographer too, it takes a producer to dare for such acts first. Young director Kishore Tirumala is shaping the movie 'Second Hand' under a shoe string budget with lesser known actors in the lead. As small movies are working wonders these days, let us hope this movie to create a magic.

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