Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rabhasa faces the heat of Anti-Fans

NTR not supporting TDP during the election campaign has clearly distanced few die hard Nandamuri fans from the star. NTR has lost large chunk of his fans in few areas much before election campaign as his close aides Kodali Nani and Vamsi got closer to YSRCP. Some fans in Guntur and Vijayawada areas banned watching NTR's films too. NTR's non cooperation for TDP during the election campaign has turned many Nandamuri fans against him. He is already facing the heat of it. Rabhasa audio posters that were put up were torn overnight by someone. This happened in many areas across the state and one need not seek a logical explanation for this. It is clear that Nandamuri fans are showing their displeasure over NTR's political stance by showing their angst against Rabhasa. NTR will have to do something to get back his lost fans as it is not good for any star to lose loyal fan base. NTR who stayed mum all these days despite being all that was happening around him has to talk and please his fans those who were hurt by his stance.

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