Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is Powar Star Pawan Kalyan Is A Confused Man

After all Gabbar Singh 2 has become the latest topic of discussion among Pawan Kalyan fans. While those in film circles insist the project is on, industry news is that the film is likely to be stalled. If the film gets on to the sets, it is being said that Sampath Nandi may not be directing it. The ball might fall in Harish Shanker’s court once again as he had directed Gabbar Singh in the past. There are also strong rumours that Pawan might direct the film himself. Though many versions are being reported, one this is for sure -- Pawan is once again confused. To be fair to him, there have been hiccups from the very beginning. Pawan was not happy with the script, director and the heroine. Now, that is reason enough for any top star to reconsider doing a film. Since Pawan was busy with politics, the film got delayed further. Whatever happens next, we will keep you posted, as always.

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