Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Comedy Hero is Deeply Hurt by Disastrous Flop

It has been a while since Allari Naresh’s film clicked at the box office. A series of flops have taken severe toll on the hero’s market that few of his films found it tough to get buyers. Allari Naresh used to do more than four films at one stage and was termed as the safest bet among the low budget heroes. Sadly times have changed and tables turned upside down for him. Naresh is struggling to find good scripts post Sudigadu. Even bankable directors like Ravibabu and Sattibabu delivered duds with him in the recent past. Earlier his father EVV used to do minimum guarantee comedies to keep Naresh in limelight all the time. EVV’s judgment of a script played pivotal role in the success of Naresh. Death of his father is also one of the reasons for the downfall of Allari Naresh, opine film analysts. When nothing is working for Naresh, he did Bandipotu film on EVV Cinema banner expecting that it puts him back on track. Indraganti Mohana Krishna is an acclaimed director who knows his craft very well. No wonder Naresh pinned so many hopes on Bandipotu to revive his career. But the film ended up as a miserable flop. It didn’t even collect at least half of what Naresh’s previous flop film collected at the box office. Naresh is deeply hurt by this flop that he is not willing to mention the name of the film. He is strictly avoiding anything that people talk about Bandipotu and concentrating upon his next film produced by Anil Sunkara.

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