Monday, September 21, 2015

Luv U Alia Movie Review

Kiran is a relationship guru, whose quick wit and smart thinking has won him a good clientele. But what happens when he falls in love and realizes that he cannot woo her enough for a wedding as she's scared of commitment and relationships? Indrajit Lankesh, without doubt, is the one Kannada director who can serve exciting candyfloss fare that entices the urban Sandalwood audience. He knows how to package a film with style. And Luv U Alia is all glitz and glam. But, beneath the gloss there's an endearing story, which Indrajit succeeds to tell, almost convincingly. The best bit about the film is that the director has used an ensemble cast of many big names and familiar faces and each of them blends nearly seamlessly with the narrative. The tale is simple, when a relationship guru finally falls in love, he meets his biggest challenge for his girlfriend doesn't believe in marriage. Does he manage to restore her faith and find his own happy ending? The cinematography and music are the two big pluses of the film. The new pair of Chandan and Sangeita too are impressive. While Sangeita has a stunning presence and can emote well, Chandan surprises the audience, especially with his well-guarded secret avatar in the second half. He has scope for improvement in pivotal emotional scenes, though. V Ravichandaran and P Ravi Shankar are the two major pillars. While the latter is the best treat for the first half, the former reigns through the second halfs. Bhumika Chawla is pretty, but, considering she plays a dancer, you wonder if she is the right choice for the role or would someone else have justified that role. Though, her pairing with Ravichandaran is fresh. Sunny Leone is scorching hot in the Kamakshi song and you are left asking for more of her. Dhyan and Nikesha Patel look good, while one is left cringing at certain scenes involving Sadhu Kokila and Shakeela. Though, one must commend the filmmaker for effectively using a stellar ensemble almost justifiably. And the conversation with Sudeep is interesting. It gives fans an added bonus. The interview also adds to the message of modern day relationships and the effect it can have on lives, especially given the demands of professions that keep one busy 24/7. This one is recommended for those that love their romantic comedies and candyfloss dramas. Luv U Alia, Luv U Alia cinema. Luv U Alia Movie Review

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