Wednesday, September 16, 2015

South India Famous music Director Devi Sri Prasad Latest Demand Irks Film-Makers?

South India Famous music Director Devi Sri Prasad is only next to AR Rahman when it comes to south industry. And right now, he has a good following both in Telugu and Tamil and he has worked with almost all star directors and actors. However, there is one complaint against Devi Sri Prasad these days and that is about his new condition that is troubling some film-makers. In some films, where DSP was close to either the actor or director, he would have a promo song shot on him. These songs would be played when the credits rolled and most of them have been chart-toppers. But now it is said that Devi Sri Prasad is demanding his producers to shoot a promo song on him as a part of his package. Well, not all producers are happy and talk in tinsel ville is that some actors too have started complaining about it.The latest incident involved the shoot of Puli, where DSP is said to have insisted on having a song as he wanted to reach out to his Telugu audiences. The makers gave relented as they had no choice say some crew members. In fact, Pawan Kalyan too had a song with him in Attarintiki Daaredi, but again, not everyone is happy say industry insiders.

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