Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Senseless Title Sentiment Haunting NTR

Young Tiger NTR is all set for a mighty prowl on the worldwide box-office this Sankranthi. Clearing the weeks long uncertainty which got his fans panicking until a few days ago, the makers confirmed that Nannaku Prematho will release on the 13th of this month and expectations skyrocketed from fans and trade circles already. Over the past few weeks, a section of people have been trying their best to pull down the excitement levels among the fans by spreading disappointing news about the film, be it the film's postponement or the shop called 'inside info'. Now, latest trick in their clout is Nannaku Prematho's title. Incidentally, all of NTR's films that has their titles starting with N were huge disasters. Starting from his debut film as a hero, Ninnu Choodalani NTR's films like Naaga, Naa Alludu and Narasimhudu were all colossal flops. NTR's antis have been targeting Nannaku Prematho with this senseless title sentiment. Well, for a phenomenal star like NTR, all it needs a strong story in the film and he can give his antis a run for their life with a solid blockbuster.

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