Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What A Blunder From Sunil and Dil Raju!

What would you expect from a film featuring Sunil in the lead role? Not a tough question, right? But somehow Krishnashtami makers don’t seem to get the message. They are promoting this film as a regular commercial film. Krishnashtami first look trailer received so much flak as there wasn’t any focus on comedy despite Sunil in the lead role. Latest poster shows the romantic side of Mr. Sunil. Seems like Dil Raju and co are expecting us to go to the theaters to watch a commercial potboiler. If Dil Raju and director Vasu Varma are so interested in making a masala movie then why did they opt for Sunil to play the lead role? Krishnashtami was wrapped long ago but is still waiting for the right time to hit the screens. No surprises there! Sunil’s latest film under Veeru Potla direction looks like good fun right from the word go. Veeru Potla has sent a clear message by naming the movie as ‘Eedu Gold Yehe’. Others are still seeing Sunil as a comedy hero but Dil Raju and his team seems to have other ideas. We wish they prove the critics wrong by scoring a mega hit with Krishnashtami.

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