Friday, March 18, 2016

Injection Gone Wrong, Young Hero In Trouble!

Gone are the days where audience used to watch overweight heroes on screen. People are not willing to watch heroes that are out of shape. Every young hero is hitting the gym or appointing a personal trainer to stay fit. However not everyone can be fit as a fiddle even if they have crores of rupees to spend upon the trainers and gyms. Few would suffer from hereditary problems and such people will have to take medical aid to cut down the extra kilos. There are many heroes and heroines that have slimmed down with the help of liposuction and other weight loss surgeries. Similarly a young Tollywood hero also took a shot at it. He has been receiving flak for being obese therefore he tried to slim down by opting for some weight loss injections. The injection has proved effective for few days but he started to gain weight after that. Even doctors couldn’t do anything about it as his body reacted negatively to the injection. They have also said that it is highly risky to try alternate methods to lose the weight. The hero is currently very busy to take a break from his work and consult world class doctors. He is planning to go to US or Australia to find a solution for his problem. But before that he wants to complete all his prior commitments.

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