Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top Hero Needs An Injection Every 6 Months!

He can take on hundreds of bad guys to save the world. He is one of the biggest superstars of Indian cinema. But he has to take an injection every six months to get him going. He has been taking the shots for the past twenty years ever since he met an accident on the sets of a movie. A stunt has gone wrong that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Most of our senior stars have been suffering with back pain. One of the most powerful stars of Tollywood has been struggling with back pain that keeps him off work for days and months. He couldn’t find a solution for the problem even after consulting renowned doctors around the world. Two senior actors that are known for doing versatile characters have been suffering with back pain for years. One of them recently underwent haemorrhoidectomy to have his haemorrhoids removed. Most of the film stars have longtime problems because of doing tricky dance moves and risky stunts. Many of such injuries were detected late as the heroes generally don’t pay attention to them unless they are serious. There is nothing much a doctor can do when the injury was discovered late. Hence the trouble.

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