Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Young Heroine Harassed by Hero?

Tollywood rumour mills are abuzz with latest gossip that a hero harassing his heroine. Buzz is that unable to cope up with his behaviour, the young heroine said to have shared her anguish with few of her co-stars. The heroine has sent smses to few of her friends in the industry about hero's harassment. And this naturally created ripples within the young lot of actors. And the whole issue didn't help her much as only very few stars came in her support. Whereas majority of her co-stars advised her not to make issue of this. Meanwhile, learning his mistake, the young hero immediately apologized to heroine and pleaded her not to ruin his image. Convinced with hero's apology, the heroine decided to stay calm. She even clarified that the smses weren't sent by her. And we hear that the issue is almost resolved now. The duo teamed up for the first-time and the hero was on success spree until his last film. The heroine too is well-known for TV audiences. Let's hope the hero would never repeat such things in future.

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