Monday, June 17, 2019

Adithya Varma Teaser: A Xerox Copy Of Arjun Reddy

Adithya Varma looks like a faithful remake in fact a xerox copy of the original Arjun Reddy. After scrapping the version directed by Bala, the makers have brought Gireesaaya on board as the director. Gireesaaya was one of the associate directors of Arjun Reddy and he seems to have stayed totally loyal to the original without making any changes to it. The first teaser cut of Aditthya Varma is a xerox copy of Arjun Reddy's explosive teaser, which played a huge role in making the film a blockbuster. Every shot, dialogue and even the background score in the teaser is an exact replication of the original. Then how did Dhruv Vikram fared? Is the young lad good enough to fit into the shoes of Vijay Deverakonda? Dhruv tried his best to fit in and he looked better compared to the teasers of the scrapped version. But he couldn't match the intensity of Vijay Deverakonda. It is not right to compare the performance of two actors, but Arjun Reddy being a cult film comparisons are bound to happen. Dhruv has surely bettered himself but can he match up with Vijay Deverakonda is to be seen.

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