Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rajasekhar More Anxious about Younger Daughter

Rajasekhar and Jeevitha have launched their elder daughter Shivani in a Telugu remake of Bollywood blockbuster “2 States” but the movie was scrapped as male lead Adivi Sesh and director of the movie had huge differences on the way the film’s progressing.
The film has landed in legal tussle now. Thus Shivani’s debut flopped.
The star couple are now anxious to see the fate of their younger daughter Shivathmika who has made debut in “Dorasaani” which hits the screens this Friday.
Shivathmika has already been getting appreciation for her look of a landlord’s daughter of erstwhile era.
While Shivani is beautiful and has features of a star, Shivathmika underscores on these. Still, they are hoping that she would get recognition as actress.
In Tollywood, star sons have seen great success but star daughters didn’t find the victories as lead actresses. From Manjula to Niharika, we have many examples.
Will Shivathmika set new trend?

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