Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Season 2 Ghosts Continue To Haunt Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss is one of the biggest super hit reality shows on Indian television history if not the biggest.
It has been running in Hindi for the past thirteen years and still has incredible fan following across the nation.
However, Star Maa is finding it tough to run the show in Telugu in spite of its widespread popularity and good viewership.
Bigg Boss is all about finding the right celebrities and putting them under one roof every season.
First season of Bigg Boss Telugu was a huge hit thanks to NTR's hosting and competitive contestants. But the second season was a mess that even Nani's hosting couldn't save it.
Contestants went into the house feeling that they would be the ultimate winners and formed groups right away, which made viewers root for Kaushal, who fought against them.
Bigg Boss season 2 dented the positive images of Babu Gogineni, singer Geetha Madhuri, Tanish and Tejaswi Madiwada.
It has exposed their negative side, which is still haunting them to this point. This is why Star Maa is unable to sign in well known celebrities for season 3.
The third season was supposed to take off by now, but it is getting delayed as there are a few vacant spots to fill in. They had to pay a hefty sum to get Nagarjuna on board as the host for season 3.

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