Monday, July 8, 2019

What's The Problem With These Heroes!

With 'Burra Katha' going for a toss, Saikumar's son Aadhi Pudipeddi has tasted another dud in his career at a time when nothing is working for him. From Varun Sandesh to Sumanth Raju, many young heroes failed big time at the box office after getting a nice start. Wonder why?
Apparently, many of these heroes are picking films that are either having tried and tested stories, or they will have larger than life package. When a star hero picks up such movies, his image will save them even if the film is not so good. But if young and upcoming heroes like these folks pick such stories, it simply won't work.

On top of everything, newly coming up directors chalk a JamesBond like a story, but the budget is of short film and it is simply tough to execute. If the heroes get more budget involved, then the film will be cost failure and if they go with less budget the output looks like a cartoon.

Rather than these types of films, what if these heroes pick concept oriented comedy movies like a Vicky Donor or Article 15 and deliver the needful? That may work.

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