Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Uyyalawada's 3 wives, A Court Case And Ram Charan

For a producer like Ram Charan (Konidela Productions) who is investing nearly 100 crores on Megastar Chiru's Sye Raa and who is also investing another 70 crores of Koratala Siva's film with his dad, why settling the financial thing of Uyyalawada family is a big thing?
That is the moot question anyone will ask after looking at how Uyyalwada family are protesting in front of Ram Charan's palatial residence in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Some of the family members accused that mediators are not allowing them to meet Charan, though the latter has promised them of financial help earlier. A little dig into this revealed that 3-4 families, who are now calling themselves as heirs, are asking for 8 crores from the makers of #SyeRaa.

But that is not the headache bothering Ram Charan and his team. Actually Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy has 3 wives and now more than 100 members are claiming that they are his heirs. And some other family approached court that Uyyalawada was adopted by a Kapu family of the district, and the inheritance law won't allow his extended family to become his successors. And currently, a case is being fought in Court regarding the same.

And with the court case unsolved, Ram Charan's team is said to be confused as to whom they should offer the financial help. Because if he helps some 15-odd members now, what if the other members win the court case tomorrow?

On the other hand, with many of Uyyalawada's family members storming the gates of Charan's house for money, the representatives of Konidela Production House cleared that they will ask Uyyalawada family to fight against them in court. While the freedom fighter's family demanded that Charan should give them payment for shooting at their village and using some relics left by Uyyalawada, Konidela Productions cleared that they haven't made any such use of the said properties.

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