Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good Producer But Unlucky

You might be talented, you might be influential and you might be hardworking but the one factor which rules the industry in a major way is luck. If that is not there, then no matter what you do things don’t work. And the best example for that happens to be the noted producer B V S N Prasad.

According to filmnagar folks, BVSN Prasad is a darling of a producer. He is a very nice man and any director will jump to work with him. But despite all his goodness, no hits have been coming for him in the recent past. Barring the blockbuster hit ‘Chatrapathi’, Prasad has faced many setbacks at the box office.

In his recent ventures, the much hyped ‘Devudu Chesina Manushul’ tanked miserably. Another unforgettable flop is ‘Khatarnak’ directed by Amma Rajasekhar. Junior NTR’s film ‘Oosaravelli’ turned out to be an average grosser.

Now, it is heard that Prasad is going through few extra expenditure due to his ongoing project ‘Ongole Gittha’. Incidentally the original heroine of the film Shubha Phutela walked out of the project after doing quite a bit of shooting. Her place has been taken by a debutante Nikitha and it is heard that director Bhaskar is standing upside down to make her get the scenes rightly. This is resulting in a lot of cost being wasted for filmmaking. But given his kind nature, let us wish this film scores a blockbuster and fills the coffer for BVSN Prasad.

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