Friday, September 28, 2012

Much Awaited Telugu Movie Rebel Review

Rishi (Prabhas) attends before a Hyderabad tourist guide Narasaraju (Brahmanandam) on a special task. The business of Rishi is to find the identity of underground villains Stephen – Roberts. On the quest, Rishi finds that Nandini (Tamanna), a Dance Teacher in Bangkok who is the daughter of Naanu, the right hand to Stephen – Roberts could be the girl to offer him a clue. Rishi and Narasaraju flow down to Bangkok where Rishi pretends to be in love with Nandini and finally gets the breaktrhough in his hunt. Meanwhile Nandini gets serious into this love matter questioning the actual truth behind Rishi. 
Here comes the flashback. Rishi is the only son of good and powerful human being Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju) near Vizag. He is studying in Bangalore and is in love with simple living orphan Deepali (Deeksha Seth). Unfortunately Bhupathi, her wife (Prabha) and Deepali are cruelly murdered in the hands of Raghavendra (Mukesh Rishi), Stephen and MLA Simhadri (Pradeep Rawat). So, Rishi is on revenge saga. With the help of his trusted follower Raju (Supreet) and Nandini, how did Rishi complete the final formalities for Stephen and Roberts form the climax.
Values of the Movie Rebel: Strictly speaking there is nothing new to talk about ‘Rebel.’ Everything is copied from here or there or from his own films by Lawrence. Story, scripting and direction were completely weak for which Lawrence need to be blamed. Too many action episdoes, Arava Paithyam in comedy episodes further troubled the audience. Dialogues by Swami did not hit the right punch. Cinematography of Ram Prasad and Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh are regular and conevntional. Length of the movie which is near to 3 hours urgently needs to be curtailed. Action choreography of Ram Lakshman is highly unbelivable. Musical score by Lawrence is good for a couple of songs while background is moderate. Production wise, Bhagawan and Pulla Rao are worth appreciative.       
Performance wise Prabhas is macho and stylish. His character is underplayed for most of the time in first half. Just 10 to 15 minutes before the interval, Prabhas picks up in enegry and interval block was superbly dealt. His romantic chemistry with Tammu and Deeksha was also good. However, Fans ask for more from him because of the hype built on movie. Tamanna is hot throughout exposing very liberally. Obviously she scores full marks for glamor and pretty hot moves. Deeksha is crisp and has done a decent job. Though in powerful role, Krishnam Raju is made a funny stuff by director. Mukesh Rishi, Pradeep Rawat are routine while Supreet got a scope to perform and he utilised it. Comedy by Brahmi, Kovai Sarala was irritating. Ali was also wasted is a spoof of Siva Shankar Master.
Out of the Movie Rebel: Definitely this is not the quality of a movie one would expect from Prabhas waiting for nearly two years. Shoddy screenplay and no real depth in content resulted in a sustained headache for audience. No where Lawrence was into his usual best either in dealing the comedy or action or emotions. He is a complete loser. Presence of Prabhas and Tamanna is the only savior. Even dialogues spelt by Prabhas were loud with no purpose. 
While first half is wasted with unnecessary and unlinked content in Bangkok, pre-interval scenes gave a thirst for patrons to expect a strong second half. Into the second half, with in first 10 minutes the main lock in the plot is opened and rest depended upon Lawrence to convince us with his narration. But, no where he was near to our logics and common sense. Steering through a known conventional path, director takes us to a pretty badly picturized climax filled with plenty of action. Except the glamor of Tamanna in songs and the stylish appearance of Prabhas, nothing will please you in the movie.                
Commercially, ‘Rebel’ may not gain a stand in A class centers while the pulse of audience in B & C will decide the actual fate. Overall, this is not the quality of show expected from the combo of Prabhas and Lawrence. Other than feeling pity for producers, nothing one can do for ‘Rebel.’

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