Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Will Ram Charan Do In Future?

True to the title of mega powerstar that he got, Ram Charan has been working on some really larger than life roles with heavy ammunition. While this is indeed a great start to his career, there is one big question which is waiting to hit him down the line. Well, what will Charan do in the future?

At an early age he did a powerful role like ‘Magadheera’. Soon he would be seen in the film ‘Nayak’ and it is heard that the role has got the energy levels of ‘Indra’ plus ‘Tagore’ and will create a huge impact. Something similar is happening in Bollywood with Cherry doing a powerful role in ‘Zanjeer’.

So, if he is doing all that now then what he will do in future? What should be the range of his roles? Even big guns like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and others started off with grounded roles. That way, it will not only be a challenge for Charan but also for the directors who want to work with him as they have to come up with that range of storylines.

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