Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The actual reason for the postponement of Vishwaroopam verdict is ..

A verdict on Vishwaroopam's release was expected today after the concerned judge saw the movie on Saturday to assess the movie. But, the verdict has been postponed by a day. The judge has suggested Kamal Haasan to hold a discussion with government officials to arrive at an amicable settlement. A reason being suggested for the delay is that Kamal had thrown another case against a collective order given by the District Collectors to ban the film's release. A verdict for both the cases is expected tomorrow. With crores of money riding on the movie and with the already postponed release costing the movie its all-important first weekend collections, fans and well-wishers of Kamal Haasan are a truly concerned lot. When will the issue get sorted and when will the movie see the light of the day in Tamil Nadu? It must be noted that the movie has received overwhelmingly positive responses in the few shows that it has been allowed to run till now, in countries like the US, Canada, Malaysia, UK and also in Indian states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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