Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vishwaroopam: Kollywood's New Definition

Check! Finally I was able to catch the special screening of Dr. Kamal Hassan's latest masterpiece - Vishwaroopam here in the United States. And I must say that I was one of the gifted ones to watch the full version of Kamal Hassan's uncensored imagination on silver screen. No, I am not exaggerating. Let me tell you why. But before that, I wish to say a few things about the one and only Kamal Hassan.
I am not supporting him because he is a man of numerous talents nor because he is one of the smartest persons on Earth. My ultimate support for him is because he is a good man with a kind heart, healthy thinking and high level of common sense. Admit it, we are living in a world where people would just keep quiet witnessing a girl being raped. The very same world curbs the freedom of speech. Common sense has become a rare superpower. In the midst of this, I believe one should hold on to this principle: "If I can't do something good, let me support those who can. If I can't support, the least I could do is not to go against." To me, Kamal Hassan is a responsible and caring social reformer. If he was a book author and he writes books on doing good to the society, I would support the book. The platform that he chose to share his charity and intelligence is movies, because he is the BEST in the movie business! Therefore, I would always support him and stand by his side for his good deeds and exceptional quality movies.
Coming back to Vishwaroopam. I have no rights to review this movie. All I can say are these:
(i) Vishwaroopam has redefined Kollywood. The only set of movies that would be on par with Vishwaroopam would be its' sequel (which is on making right now) and future Kamal's movies.
(ii) All this while we have been setting movies to standard margins such as: "Hollywood level", "Bollywood level" and so on. But no one spoke of "World level". Well, don't worry. You will be talking about it after watching Vishwaroopam.
(iii) I tried to find for all kinds of mistakes in the movie, but the more I tried to prove it wrong, the triple it proved ME wrong.
(iv) To all those who were wondering when will you be able to watch the BEST movie that Kollywood has ever produced, well, Vishwaroopam is the answer.
(v) To all Kamal Hassan fans who think that they have seen all of his acting skills in previous movies, well, I would say think again. This guy has just started his journey.
In short, Vishwaroopam is the zenith of top notch quality intellectual entertainment that I have seen so far. It has NOTHING against any religion, race or culture. The only thing it does is uniting all of us as one. To all my friends in Malaysia, they did not BAN the movie at any countries. It was only banned in Tamil Nadu. It has passed the censor board in all countries before being screened in the theatres. If it was banned at the first place, there wouldn't be any shows for the first two days of its release. It has only been temporarily stopped from screening. Once they lift the ban on Vishwaroopam at India, it will automatically play in the theatres all over the world. But definitely there would be a number of scenes censored from the movie due to realistic violences. But it would not affect the storyline. My only request is that please do not watch this movie illegally. That would be equal to killing a precious treasure that we are having now in our movie industry - Kamal Hassan. Thanx and enjoy watching it soon. Its worth the wait.

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