Saturday, February 16, 2013

Couples With Hot Affairs In Theatre

The biggest challenge for those who are in love or having an affair is a place where they can spend time in private. Quite often we see young love birds hanging out on roads, multiplexes, benches of Tank Bund and some unusual places in Hyderabad. But here is one place which has become quite a hot destination. This is the Cineplanet Multiplex in Kompally. Reports say lately a lot of young couples are being spotted in that multiplex and they don’t mind watching back to back films in the multiplex (not that they actually watch the film). Buzz is that since it is located away from the city, the couples are having food at Medchal Dhabas. From there, they come to Kompally and enter into CinePlanet to continue their hot affair inside the theatre. In this process, it is heard that the multiplex is showing good occupancy especially during the weekdays which is making the management happy. Basically it looks like a win-win situation is happening.

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