Friday, February 1, 2013

Telugu film 'Ongole Gittta' Review: Mad Bull

Bhaskar who is known for his family treats like ‘Bommarillu’ ‘Parugu’ decided to change tracks and get into mass masala. As a result, he teamed up with Ram and came with this treat. Is it good enough, let us see Story White (Ram) is a noted name in the Ongole Mirchi Yard because he does Chilli business in that area right from his childhood. He starts as a small time worker and eventually grows to become the owner of four shops. The chairman (Prakash Raj) of the Mirchi Yard is a very nice man and he treats all those in the yard as his own people. However, this yard is eyed by the local MLA (Ahuti Prasad) and he wants to shift it to some other place. What he does to achieve that is one part and the other part deals with the relation between White and the Market Yard chairman. All this forms the story. Performances Ram gave his usual energetic performance but it is time for him to show something different. He should be careful about the selection of his roles. As for this film, he did what was expected of him. Kriti Kharbanda is a stunning beauty and this time she has improvised her performance also. She has provided the right kind of innocence and mischief in her character with her act. Prakash Raj came up with something different and he has proved that he is the best in the business. However, there is a small defect in his character design but otherwise he was nice. Abhimanyu Singh was mean enough in expressions but his character could have been given more strength. Prabhu is usual with his hyper body language, Raghu Babu brought few smiles, Ajay was upto the mark, Ali made his presence felt. Others didn’t have scope. Highlights Prakash Raj’s performance Drawbacks Weak script Songs Some scenes went overboard Analysis The message was loud and clear that Bhaskar wanted to prove a point about his skills as a mass director but making a mass film is not about having four fights, some eccentric comedy, capturing heroine’s curves etc. Any genre needs a good plot and a story that can go with it. Here, Bhaskar failed to have a proper plot and the entire direction of developing the characters was wayward. His attempt to include mass elements is appreciated but it suited more to the Tamil masses than Telugu masses because there is a lot of ‘Athi’ in many sequences. The film takes off on a promising note and for the first half hour one would be quite busy and expect things to get better but that’s where things begin to fall. The graph weakens as it progresses and interval bang was almost a saturating point. But owing to Ram’s challenging the villain etc, many expected things to get energetic and entertaining in the second half but instead the film turned out to be even more testing. It was looking like something had to be done to fill the two plus hours length. Most importantly, Bhaskar failed to understand the right formula for appeasing Telugu masses and used some typical Tamil sambar. In technical department, the songs were a disappointment, cinematography was good, editing was alright. The dialogues didn’t have that punch but can’t do much because the basic storyline was weak. Overall, this is a film which might have some strong openings due to Ram following and Kriti Kharbanda’s visual feast stills but after that things look doubtful. Bottomline: Better to have ‘Red Bull’ than watch this Bull

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