Thursday, March 27, 2014

Varma gets the nod from Nagarjuna

Few days ago Senior hero Nagarjuna stated that he won’t do films as solo lead until or unless he finds an interesting subject. Looks like Nagarjuna has finally found such subject. He is all set to launch his solo project very soon. This will be directed by Sudheer Varma of Swamy Rara fame. Sudheer received so much critical acclaim for his work in Swamy Rara. But he had to wait for so long to sign up his next. There was news about Sudheer Varma’s film with NTR. It is highly impossible to get a chance to direct NTR immediately as the actor’s diary is fully packed. So Sudheer finally decided to go with Nagarjuna. Sudheer Varma has impressed film buffs with his debut film and everyone is interested to see what he would offer in his second attempt. Nagarjuna openly stated that he is not interested in mass masala and heroism based subjects. Going by that we can expect another different film Sudheer Varma.

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