Monday, December 1, 2014

Tollywood Macho Venkatesh gets all praises for ‘full’ attendance

Yesterday While couple of big stars are seen in attending “Memu Saitham” event only for a an hour or so, there are none literally who has spent their time at the venue from dawn to dusk. Big stars like Chiranjeevi and Balayya have come in the morning and then in the evening, while Nagarjuna could be seen only for couple of hours. Pawan Kalyan is absent on a whole, while Mahesh lasted for an interview or so. Ammongs the biggest doyens of Telugu Film Industry, it is hero Venkatesh who could be seen in every single frame of the twelve hour marathon. He is there since morning, attended all the live shows, participated in cricket and encouraged kabaddi matches. Late in the night he took to singing event and then welcomed Chiru to dance on stage. Probably he seems to have a whole day available from his book of dates, where others haven’t had any.

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