Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Was He Silent For So Long?

Known as the 'mouna muni' in the industry, darsakendra K Raghavendra Rao actively participated in the 'Memu Saitam' programme. Many people were captivated by the way Raghavendra Rao conducted the programme with lots of energy. For 50 years, the veteran director hasn’t said a word. But ever since he started talking through his eTv show Soundaryalahari, he has been speaking at various podiums and getting huge ovations. In the past, he would be totally busy with his shoots and in between he would be busy planning for them. So, he would not talk at any public functions. Also, there was the risk of creating controversies. If he spoke fondly of one hero, the other hero would get hurt. And if he faltered on stage, people would know of his weaknesses. Similarly, his contemporaries would know of his strengths. So, Raghavendra Rao carefully stayed away from talking for so many years. Now, he has no films. If he mingles with one and all, he will be given due respect. So, he has finally come out of his cocoon say many.

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