Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cute Actress Hansika Insists She Was Misquoted About Pawan

At times, article writers bring in names just to give context to a particular story. Hansika says that’s exactly what happened with her. She had said a couple of days back that she prefers to stay off politics. Now, in case you wondered why a 20-something girl was talking about politics in the first place, then it was because she was asked if she would enter politics some time in life. It is known that a lot of Tamil actors and technicians are associated with politics or are actively into politics. So, when asked, Hansika replied that she had no such plans and that she there are more ways to do social service than to enter politics. She said politics is not the only way to work for people. Okay, so a day later, there were items splashed all over social media saying that she had mentioned the name of Pawan Kalyan in her comment. But Hansika has taken time off to deny that she made any such comments. "Well few articles says I have commented on Pawan Kalyan sir . Let me make it clear I haven't given any interview mentioning is all cooked up !! I respect him immensely and I'm a fan of his work . I request all the others to stop with this vague rumour", Hansika posted on her twitter. Honestly, it is quite possible that she never did too as the statement she made was about her entry into politics. So why will she drag Pawan into it when it had nothing to do with him in the first place? At least, we will definitely have to give benefit of doubt to Hansika.

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