Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gabbar Sing Pawan Becomes A Joker?!

Well, a joker entertains the people irrespective of how he feels at any point in time. At least that's what people expect from him – entertainment. Now, Pawan Kalyan’s story has become nothing short of entertainment for people both from politics and from film industry. Just last week, he went off on a whirlwind tour of Andhra Pradesh capital zone, came back held a press conference and announced that he will get active in politics. Okay, point noted. But there seems to be no activity whatsoever going on, on that front. And there is absolutely no clarity on his films too. Unlike his elder brother Chiranjeevi who more or less quit films to get into politics, Pawan seems to be in mood to let go of either agendas. So, in film land, he is being inundated with offers from producers all of whom happen to be either his friends or well-wishers. For starters, Dasari announced that he would be producing a film with Pawan. Then, there is Gabbar Singh 2 which never really took off. Officially, these two are on the priority list. But these films apart, comedian Ali has announced that Pawan will be doing a film for him. Another six projects are said to be in the pipeline according to various media sources. Ironically, if he decides to do all films, then it will take about 4 years to complete them all, given the pace at which Pawan completes his films. And if that happens, then he will have no time left to assemble cadre and prepare for the next general elections. In addition, there is the possibility of Pawan losing out on his charisma if he gets into full-time politics. Though for now, Pawan seems to be extremely popular even with the ‘so-called’ voters, one cannot be too sure if they will convert into votes if and when he contests. But Pawan does not appear to be in a hurry to quit films either any time soon. On our part, we will keep giving you the latest updates about Pawan both on the political and film front.

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