Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot News If I'm A Benami, Why I Had 50 Lakhs Debts? -Bandla Ganesh

The Secret is out : How to make films with big heroes 
In a riveting interview with a leading TV channel, ace producer Bandla Ganesh spoke his heart out. From his ability to make big budgeted flicks with star heroes to the benamis behind him, he talks about arresting things that a Tollywood producer never dares to open about. Is Bandla Ganesh a benami of any politician, like a Botsa Satyanarayana or any TDP leader? "Benami and Tsunami is a trash" pat comes the reply, adding, "I'm close to people those who are in power, right now with both TDP and TRS leaders. My banner Parameswara Art Productions owes 50 lakhs debts to financiers now. If I'm a benami of someone, why these 50 lakhs debts then?". But how come Ganesh is able to invest such huge money on films? He reveals the true story of how to make a big budgeted flick seriously. "All you need is big hero's dates. If you have them, then you just need 100 rupees in hand. Financiers will fund you and after making the movie you can sell it at simple profits", avers Ganesh, letting the cat out of bag. "My father is a poultry businessman since 1983. We're having biggest of the poultry farms in Telangana. I've donned small roles on silver screen but I'm not from a poor family", he adds, clearing the air about the investments behind him. Ganesh indicates that Telugu Film industry is hero centric and that's why he keeps buzzing around the leading heroes. "I'm not here to small flicks or small budgeted flicks. I'll make big budgeted flicks, make profits and go. I'm a businessman", he concluded. -

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