Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Varun Tej Must Be Something Special!

He has done only three films to date and has already created an identity for himself: not as the nephew of Chiranjeevi or the son of Naga Babu but as the actor in Mukunda, Kanche and Loafer. While some people have praised these films for being different there is a section in Tollywood that is breathing fire on these films of Varun Tej and on the actor in particular. A group opposed to the mega camp is believed to be making statements that none of the Varun Tej’s films made any profits for buyers. While they were initially silent about Kanche because of the positive reviews, the failure of Loafer has emboldened them to categorize Kanche as a loss-making venture as well. Meanwhile, a hero belonging to the mega camp also is rumored to be jealous of Varun Tej and trying to encourage the propaganda. Only three films old and already they are trying to pull him down? Varun Tej surely must be something special!

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